Horses Helping Humans™ Effective Communications Workshop. Designed for Corporate Team Building & Personal Development.



Internationally recognised and award winning; Horses Helping Human’s tactfully combines:  personality profiling, body language analysis/ techniques and horsemanship into a ground-breaking and results driven communication workshop.  Its psychological base and scientific backing provides proven results time and time again.


programme background

Sue Spence of Horses Helping Humans™ Australia founded this program in 2006.  She was delivering the programme internationally and due to the high number of inquiries, Sue started licensing to other facilitators in 2016. Kimberley McIntyre was the first to start facilitating the corporate and personal development programme here in New Zealand, based at Makoura Lodge. Kimberley's passion for helping others and for horses enables her to represent Horses Helping Humans™ at the highest level.

outcomes of the workshop

  • Understand yourself and others better  Learn how your team or family members tick through Horses Helping Humans unique personality profiling programme. This is desirable for sound communication, improved relationships, effective management and increased productivity. 

  • Body language awareness. Look confident, be assertive but calm (leadership status). Increased self-esteem. Be heard. Learn when you look confrontational and how to reduce flight or fight and how to  recognise it in others, so you can then respond rather than react.

  • Stress reduction techniques. Better decision making. Diffuse before you discuss. Become more relaxed.

  • Increase in emotional health. Create happier environments & people. Activate your parasympathetic nervous system. 

  • Boundaries. Learn to say no & what it looks like. Manage workload. Learn to ask not tell; increases thought processes.

  • Emotional regulation. Learn that calm assertiveness = quicker response time. Learn how powerful you can be with just a breath. Increase focus & motivation, reduce apathy. Energy awareness and direction.


Investment: $2000 for up to 10 participants. Over 10, additional participants are $150pp. Maximum of 12. Includes workbook. 


why we use horses?

As horses rely 100% on body language and energy levels to communicate they can pick up the slightest cues in our body language. It is researched that humans communicate over 60% in body language, learning the techniques we teach with the help of horses enables us to open the doors of communication. As horses are a prey animal their life depends on reading situations/ people very carefully; so their reaction to us is essentially a mirror of our actions and emotions.

Horses make great teachers. They provide us with immediate, honest and non-judgment feedback. By learning to slow a horse just by breathing out you will realise the power of calm assertiveness.

Please note- No previous horse experience is required. Interaction with the horses is done on the ground (no riding).


sample corporate team building workshop

10am- Arrive at Makoura Lodge for morning tea

10.30am- Programme introduction, learn what personality type you are (based on the four temperaments but with a modern and humorous twist), learn what your body language is communicating to others and yourself. 

12pm- Country fresh buffet lunch

12.30pm- Exercises with the horses, analysis and adjustment of your body language. See how the horses responds to your body language; instruction and energy.

3pm- Debrief over afternoon tea. Completion of the workshop. Continue Conference (for overnight conference retreats) or depart if day workshop only.


WOW- what can happen when your’e calm with great body language.
— Richard Gibson, Redvespa- Owner, Wellington
Insightful, fantastic and rewarding
— Geraint Williams, Screen Vistas- General Manager, Palmerston North

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