Our Story

Makoura Lodge was established in 1998 when Hugh McIntyre saw the need to diversify from his career in farming. He envisaged potential in the natural beauty of the area for tourism.

The Lodge was built with as many local materials as possible. The Lodge features Macrocarpa timber, milled from the property and rocks out of the nearby Coal Creek River for stone work. The impressive open log fire surround and bar top are made from a Totara log that survived a scrub fire on the property.

McIntyre tartan curtains and chair covers symbolise ancestral roots, from when Hugh & Agnes McIntyre immigrated from Glasgow, Scotland in 1865. The historic library, which guests can enjoy, is part of Hugh’s Great Grandfathers collection, who was a school teacher at Kimbolton School, studied law, became a solicitor and taught himself 11 languages!

Our company Logo is a half wagon wheel, which represents "journey'. It symbolises how our family inhabited the land and how Makoura lodge came to be. The Logo also represents our guest journeys, whether it be a wedding, social gathering or casual stay, the Makoura team are here to make it a memorable ocassion.

In 1903 the original Homestead was built by McIntyre brothers - Hugh and Jack. This stands today as “Glenluce” and was named after Glenluce in Galloway, Scotland. The house was built mainly from Totara trees grown and milled on the farm. Hugh and Jack's father lived in Wanganui and would often come down to give them a helping hand with the house. Being a joiner he was responsible for a lot of the finer details inside Glenluce, such as the beautiful Totara fire surround. Whilst this was being built the McIntyre’s lived in a Whare, built in 1896. This building still stands today and is used as the horse stables for the Horse Trekking. Stay at Glenluce Homestead.

Today Makoura Lodge is owned by Hugh and Hughs' daughter Kimberley. Kimberley is the 5th generation onto the property.


Kimberley (5th generation) Hugh McIntyre (4th). They sit in front of Hugh's Great Grandfathers historic library located inside the Lodge.

Makoura Lodge is part of my heritage and ancestry. The property has been owned by the McIntyre family since 1896 and is a place we will always treasure.
— Hugh McIntyre, Owner