Team Building & Leadership with Horses

In today's fast paced world, business owners, managers and executives are actively seeking Horses to assist with personal development, team building and effective leadership styles within the workplace. Makoura Lodge in partnership with Changing Horses Ltd are excited to offer Team Building & Leadership with Horses programmes . Team building and Leadership using horses is becoming one of the most powerful workshops worldwide.

Horses provide a unqiue dynamic which enhances self-awareness, interpersonal interactions, communication and leadership skills in people. Horses sense and respond to our thoughts, emotions and intentions, which we convey subconsciously through our body language. They provide honest and non- judgmental feedback - teaching us to become more authentic, congruent and consistent in our behaviors. 

Horses can assist you to:

  • Expand cohesiveness and productivity within teams and partnerships
  • Build more trust in teams and colleague relationships
  • Develop new skills and innovation to work through challenging situations
  • Move from conflict to resolution more quickly
  • Learn new behaviors to help gain personal power and respect


Course information

Courses are run according to your and our instructors schedule. We run half day, one day and two day courses. There is no minimum group size, as investment is a per group cost. As our courses are tailored to your needs please enquire within about investment.


The two day workshop has brought more awareness and skills than any other training I have ever attended. Next time you are looking for a good communicator in your business, try a horse. Or a person who has attended the workshop.
— Hans G Kopruch - Niche Market Ltd
What a fabulous experience. My team have come away from this with only positive memories! Thank you!
— Cheryl Gush - Stryker - Auckland