Elevate your team spirit

Take the opportunity to challenge your team with our entertaining range of team building activities. We can arrange fun games for groups of all numbers, ages and fitness levels.

On site activities


Experience a 4WD safari across farmland and our purpose built 4WD training track. You can also drive a 4x4 yourself or carry out intense 4WD training. Price from $65pp

horse assisted leadership training

 Horses are able to assist with personal development, team building and effective leadership styles within the workplace. This is a new and exciting offering with huge impact!

Price: please enquire, read more here


Horse Trekking

Ride over our beautiful property on Horseback with views of valleys, rivers, native bush and the Ruahine Range. Enjoy a ride from one hour to half a day. Price from $50pp



Our Archery activity is a great challenge for all groups. We use modern bows to propel arrows at a polistring target. You score points by hitting the target in different places.

 Price: $10 per person

Axe Throwing

Bring out the Viking or middle age’s adventurer in you and throw an axe at our purpose built target. Score points as you hit different places on the target.

Price: $5 per person


Crosscut Sawing

This is a great activity to test your working relationship with your pair. This is a two person activity, with one on either end of a long vintage hand saw. The aim is to cut through a small log together by pulling and releasing on opposite ends. It can be timed to compete against other pairs.

Price: $10 per couple

Hole in one Golf challenge

Take a step onto our golfing platform, placed on the edge of the Makoura Lodge terrace. Looking into the valley below is a large tractor tyre used as our golf hole. Take up the challenge as a game as we have prizes up for grabs! Golf balls and clubs supplied.

Price: $5 


fire walk

Walk with your team to various campfires set up around our property, then challenge your team with indepth questions at each setting. A great team building exercise and ideal for conference groups. Allow 2 hours.

Price: $450 per group 


Charlottes Web

As a team you need to get your whole group through a large web made from rope. There's only one rule - you can't touch the rope as you navigate everyone through the web. To create a challenge between groups this can be timed.

Price: $5 per person

Clay Bird Shooting

Take a shot and fire a gun with an experienced shooter. Clay bird shooting is a great way to test your skills at aiming and hitting a moving target. Clay discs are thrown high into the air and you fire a gun to hit them. This is run as a game, which includes full training for firing a shot gun and 10 shots per person.

Price: $35 per person

Human Sheep Dog Trials

Try your Shepherding skills with your team acting as sheep dogs, as you try to herd three sheep through a series of obstacles. This is a great activity as a group. You will be timed so teams can compete against one another.

Price: $15 per person.

tug of war

Battle of team work and sheer strength. 
Price: $10 per team

Blindfold Game

This is a great ice breaker and team building activity to test listening and communication skills. 

Price: $10 per team.

You can enjoy beautiful farm walks and lawn sports such as: croquet, petanque, giant jenga and giant pick up sticks as complimentary